Aron Razel Rachamim Nissan New Single

14 Feb

On the way to his 12th album (The Soul Wants More), singer and composer Aharon Razel continues and releases the third single - "Rachamim Nissan". The new song is actually a story about an elderly man named Rachamim Nissan whom Aharon met in the Nahlaot neighborhood of Jerusalem during the time he lived there when he was a child. The song was written and composed by Aharon Razel, with Eyal Mazig responsible for the musical production. Like the first three singles, the rest of the songs in the album will also be points of stories and incidents encountered by Aaron Razel during his lifetime. In order to meet the expenses of the album, Razel launched a mass funding campaign in This Link where you can purchase the album or if you like, for example, Aharon will sing you a song or record a duet, and more.

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