Aron Sitbon With Grandson Shnior Elbaz "modeh Ani"

28 Mar

.When he kisses the age of heroism, Aaron Sitbon is working on his second album, which he has been working on for over a year

.Not long ago, Sitbon's grandson, Shneur Elbaz, was thirteen. In anticipation of the moving event, the grandson asked to sing together with his grandfather

"I thank you" - a song of praise and thanks to God, composed by Sitbon, to words written by the duo Eli Klein and Aizi Berry who are also responsible for the musical arrangement and production

.The grandfather and grandson performed the song at the Bar Mitzvah celebration, to the applause of the audience

 Following the enthusiastic feedback they received, it was decided to re-record the song, as a duet that connects musical worlds, creating an intergenerational family encounter

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