Avrohom Fried And Ari Hill-Aba

13 Jun

Benzi Stein, a young and very talented young man, managed to gather a song and amazing words under the music of Jewish singer Avraham Fried and with him, in an exciting duet, the artist of soul and collars Ari Hill, a guaranteed hit "Dad". How did this miracle happen? Stein wrote lyrics and melodies that were "born from heaven," the song reached Avraham Fried's professional ear and he was moved by the song. At the same time, Ari Hill tries to sing "Daddy" to the songwriter, Stein imagines a duet in his head. He dares to offer two to sing it together, Fried accepts and the rest ... History. The harmony of the two musical generations creates a unique Israeli-Jewish single that almost every ear can connect to from the first ear. Avraham Fried brings voice and emotion to the sound of the new generation in the industry and together they create an updated Jewish hit. 

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