David Taub New Song Lakum

26 Mar

Singer and creator David Taub (28), who is known for many productions and events in which he serves as a leading singer and performs with well-known bands in prestigious events. His voice and authentic Chasidic music accompanies his music at all stages of her work, even in performance for songs that are not his. In recent years, Taub has been famous for a number of exciting performances for songs inspired by the music he grew up in the courtyard of Vizhnitz Chasidism, to which he belongs.

He was also famous for his brilliant performance of a cover version of Baruch Shalom's song, on which Taub produced his unique style that made the song a popular hit, which was also widely acclaimed. Now, he is releasing a single single "To Get Up" - the first swallow from an intriguing debut album. In "Come", as well as in the expected album, Taub expresses his musical abilities and brings himself 100% in writing the lyrics, the melody and even in the overall musical arrangement and production. Behind the words are personal experiences and deep insights that have helped Toib during life. "They always told you that if you fell - it's not terrible, you can always get up, and I say: the very fall is the sign of getting up!"

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