Moshe Klein Nes

13 Jun

About a month ago Moshe Klein, drove on the Geha road. One of the drivers in the back saw smoke coming out of Moshe's car and turned his attention to it with a flash of high lights. Moshe stopped his car on the side to understand what had happened, and seconds after he left, Which burned a few minutes later. 1. The incident took place a few meters before a gas station he intended to enter to refuel. 2. The tefillin left in the vehicle were intact. 3. Comprehensive insurance ended a week later. In order to thank Hashem with his music, Moshe Klein turned to Elchanan Eldad and composed for him the song "Nes" - the fourth single from his debut album. The song was adapted and produced by musician Benny Laufer. The members of the "Yedidim" choir joined the background voices and Uriel Peled created the cover illustration. 

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