Child Soloist Nesanel Menas Here With Malchus Choir On A Tour!

13 Feb

Habet Nu- the new song of emotion that shakes the heart "Oi Father in the sky, look that we have no helper, we as sheep are wrong and only in you are our trust." These moving words are part of the new song "Habet Nu", which is published Sunday. The song of the moving song was directed by Rabbi Moshe Mantas, the song's listeners say that already from the hearing of the initial version of the song, it caused them great emotion and uplift the soul. The melody works in the hands of Eli Klein and Ozie Berry, who are known to have brought us the passion of feeling "and even in hiding" and were behind the production of many albums, including the "Lihda Shamia" by the Kumzitz artist Naphtali Kempe. 

credits : Song: Moshe-Menas Poetry: Nathaniel Menas-Video Director and Producer: Nati Albar-Adaptation and musical production: Eli Klein & Itzi Berry Dr Avi Avidani-Bass: Nachman Halevitz-Guitars: Avi Singolda - Tenor Studios - Michael Zi-Piano and Keyboards: Eli Klein & Itzi Berry The Ensemble of Alon Hillel Solo-Violin: Alon Hillel-Choir: The Malchus Choir conducted by Pinchas Bichler-Mix & Mastering: Eli Klein & Itzi Berry-Photographers: Nachman and Nati Albar New Media: Front 

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