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Avraham Fried - B'karov Mamesh


Avraham Fried - B'karov Mamesh

אברהם פריד - בקרוב ממש

Song Composed by the Blumstein Brothers & Mendy Portnoy

Produced arranged & Mixed by Mendy Portnoy

Choir By Neshama Choir

Video filmed and Edited by TYH Nation / Motty Berkowitz

To Download:


Avraham Fried - B'korov Mamesh
Download MP3 • 7.52MB


Avraham Fried - B'korov Mamesh
Download MP4 • 43.56MB

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love it back to the original style


Unknown member
Nov 05, 2023

Love The Song. But...

I don't really like the way its mastered, at the low part (NOT THE INTRO) it sounds a little cutoff at the high frequencies. The high part on the other hand especially the second time sounds way better. It was probably on purpose to give emphasis on the high part but i think it was a little to much. My opinion just ranting.

Again love the song;-)


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