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Benny Friedman & Baruch Levine - V'shavu Bonim


Benny Friedman & Baruch Levine - V'shavu Bonim

בני פריעדמאן וברוך לווין - ושובו בנים

Composed & Written By Chayala Neuhaus

Music Produced & Arranged By Doni Gross

To Download:


Benny Friedman and Boruch Levine - V'shavu Bonim
Download MP3 • 5.93MB


Benny Friedman and Boruch Levine - V'shavu Bonim
Download MP4 • 81.43MB

To Watch:

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This song/video is stunning and heart-wrenching on its own. And combined with the matzav... it's just wow. I was definitely crying.

And every name on this project is a superstar, of course.

I do feel compelled to point out two aspects of this production that were unacceptable in my lay opinion. I am not trying to be negative, but I feel they should be said.

First and foremost: "We carry our prayers to you, Mamme Rochel"?!?!?! Ummmm, NO! That sounds way too close to kefira for comfort. I know what it means, but it is off.

Second, what is this whitewashing of the tribulations to which our forebears were cruelly subjected as they were led from Eretz Yisroel by Nevuzaradan's…


lyrics please thanks

Replying to

Lyrics: Looking back at the trail of tears behind them the past they cherished disappeared from sight hearts torn from the home they’d never see again Thrust into an exile, wanderers of the night But along the road she waited For her children For who else but a mother eases pain Her resting place was chosen for this reason To be that one lone space of comfort that remains So we carry our prayers to you mamme rochel With no more words and only tears - to you mamme rochel When our world seems to end, we come back to you again Mamme don’t stop asking when mamme mamme rochel Mamme you did not ask why mamme m…


Love it

perfect match

straight to the heart


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