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Blue Melody - 2020 Vision


Blue Melody 2020

a new vision, new sound, next level energy and class. Featuring the gorgeous voices and boundless energy of two of the industry’s biggest stars,

Eli Marcus and Moshe Tischler

the Blue Crew takes us to the future of Jewish Music as well as a nod to an earlier classic. This four-song medley features:

1. Chelek Sheli (Marcus)

2. Kol Hamelamed (Shmueli Ungar)

3. Usid (MBD)

4. Ki L’olam (Tischler)

To Download:


Download MP3 • 13.52MB


Blue Melody 2020 Vision featuring Eli Marcus and Moshe Tischler
Download MP4 • 42.08MB

To Watch:

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