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Ishay Ribo & MBD - Ata Zocher


Ishay Ribo & MBD- Ata Zocher

ישי ריבו ומרדכי בן דוד - אתה זוכר

Composed By Hershy Weinberger

Music By Maor Shooshan, David Icholewitz & Ishay Ribo

To Download:

Ishay Ribo and Mordechai Ben David - Ata Zocher
Download MP3 • 9.95MB

To Listen:


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Hershy Weinberger has something for everyone. Hershy Weinberger's the best!


Unknown member
Sep 13, 2023

It says Ishay Ribo on it...u don't gotta listen to song and then comment- just say it's amazing right away...I's by Ishay Ribo..


Hello? does anyone else love ishay ribo? well e/o should cuz he SINGS songs for E-v-e-r-y-o-n-e

This is so perfect for up coming yomim tovim

Thank u Ishay on behalf of e/o!

Replying to

Fine fine but Ribo's voice is gold


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