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Mordechai Shapiro - Ani Yehudi


Mordechai Shapiro - Ani Yehudi

מרדכי שפירא - אני יהודי

Composed By Mordechai Shapiro

Music By Mendy Portnoy

Lyrics By Eli Klein & Yitzy Berry

To Download:

Mordechai ShapiMordechai Shapiro - Ani Yehudiro - Ani Yehudi
Download MP3 • 8.36MB

To Listen:

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14 Kommentare

"Yo Yo" is very Goyish and also sounds weird.

Gefällt mir

weird video


Gefällt mir

love how he showing himself walking late into mincha 😎

Gefällt mir

Unknown member
03. Apr. 2023

Love it, Thanks! - for those who don't like his music, don't listen to it, there's no need to comment...

Gefällt mir

this is a cool one!!! keep up the fun vibes

Gefällt mir

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