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#News: New Albums On The Way!


Here's a List of Upcoming Albums

to be Released Very Soon!

Shloime Daskal:

'Hartzig 3'

Produced by Shloime Daskal

Music Arranged by Yoely Dickman

Choir by Shir V'shevach.

For the Preview Click Track Below.

Shloime Daskal - Hartzig 3 Preview
Download MP3 • 7.50MB

Motty Ilowitz:


Produced by Mendy Hershkowitz

Songs Composed by Motty Ilowitz.

For the Preview Click Track Below.

Rayoines - Preview
Download MP3 • 8.06MB

Shmueli Ungar:


Produced & Arranged by Naftali Schnitzler

Songs Composed by Hershy Weinberger, Yona Lipschitz

Naftali Schnitzler, Shmueli Ungar

& Sruly Bodansky.

Shir V'shevach:

'Iy"h By You'

A Chuppah Album

Feat. Jewish Music Stars Like

Shloime Daskal, Leiby Wieder

Yumi Lowy & Mendy Weiss

Arranged by Yisroel Laam & Aaron Teitelbaum.

For the Preview Click Track Below.

Shir Vshevach - Iy''h By You Preview
Download MP3 • 12.97MB

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