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Ahrele Samet & Motty Goldman - Nigun Be'yan


'Nigun Be'yan'

Is the first single from the album on the way by the singer

Motty Goldman

this powerfull song was composed by Motta Brim from The be'yaner chasiddus

Arranged by Srulik Mendelson

& Choir by Neranenu Choir.

To Download Click Picture.


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1 commentaire

Regarding this song, it's a nice song to sing by a tisch with the rebbi and all of it, but my opinion, i see that the song was released as a single that it should become a hit like Nigun Bobov or Niggun Vitznitz, but this Nigun is just simply not quite it that it should be picked u p to sing by weddings etc. and i'm afraid that this single won't be picked up. But nice job anyway


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