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Yeedle Kahan - The Plus Factor

New Clip by Yeedle Kahan Plus

Part 1 from his New Project 'The Plus Factor'

Feat. by Jewish Music Stars

This Time with Shmueli Ungar, Beri Weber, Shea Berko

The Shira & Yedidim Choir.

To Listen or Download Audio Click Picture.

To Watch Video Click Here.

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3 Komentar

14 Jan 2022

its your nef u binyomin,f keep it up!!!!!!!!!$$$$


04 Okt 2021



The wedding with Shmueli,Beri, Shea and Yeelde Kahan is very nice. It's very nicely and pro worked out and set out. The singing is strong and powerful and the music is very heavy played which is great and dancable. Keep up with the good work!I loved hearing it!


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