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Yoely Falkowitz - Onu Hashem

At The Bar Mitzvah For The Son Of Yanky Orlansky, The Yedidim Choir Together With The Singer Yoely Falkowitz Are Presenting The Song Onu Hashem (Composed By Yitzchok Rosenthal) With Music By Avrumi Berko.

To Listen Or Download Audio Press Picture.

To Watch Video Press Here.

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I like this single very much, it's got it's own personal way how it touches someone attention, maybe, the choir did'nt do a 100% job, there's a few spots where they floped, and there's spots where the choir doesn't put enough heart which could of changed the whole face of the song. but overall, it's nice. thanks for all those who put work into it that it should become a complete single.

Gefällt mir

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