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Yossi Glick Presents - Shvochim 2 (Audio Sampler)


R' Yosef Glick, Shevach Studios Presents: Shvuchim 2 - Audio Sampler

Shvuchim 2 Is a 'Vocals Only' collection album feat. the most popular hits in the Jewish Music market, heard the last few years at Simches and All Kind of Events.

Singers inc.

Ahrele Samet

Levy Falkowitz

Ari Hill

Sruli Altman

Moshe Eizenberg

Yanky Daskal

Meir Adler

Menachem Moshkowitz

Mendy Weiss

To download click track below

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Yossi Glick Presents - Shvochim 2 (Audio Sampler)
Download MP3 • 23.27MB


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