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Yossi Green - Habein Yakir Li


Yossi Green - Habein Yakir Li

In Memory Of Shragy Gestetner A"h

Feat. Pinchas Massarano

Composed By Yossi Green

Arranged By Eli Klein & Yitzy Berry

הבן יקיר לי שרגי אליהו

The Story:
Upon exiting the ניחום אבלים during the Shiva for Shragee Gestetner ז"ל, I was told by Gershi Moskowits that in addition to his family there was a very close ידיד and משפיע of Shragee ז"ל who lived very close by and who was very broken and deeply affected by the tragic event. A few of the people were going to visit him and I went along with them. We came in to the home of הרב אהרן מסרנו שליט"א, a real אדם חשוב who was so obviously connected to Shragee ז"ל. We sat with him for a while listening as he gently explained to us that the Shragee who we had known from his singing career had over the past few years grown into a giant in לימוד התורה, in גמילות חסדים, in מידות טובות, in עבודת השם… He then asked us to accept upon ourselves some new מצוה לעילוי נשמתו.
Being that I remembered that even years ago, Shragee ז"ל had been extremely careful in שמירת הלשון, both Gershi and I would undertake to learn a daily Shiur in the Sefer written by the חפץ חיים with this name לעילוי נשמתו. never missing a day until we would be מסיים the Sefer.
On our way out Gershi asked the Rav to give us lyrics on which I would then write a song בס"ד. The Rav promptly came up with these electrifying lyrics that laid out clearly what he was feeling at the time…
הבן יקיר לי שרגי אליהו
Being that the Rov has a son פנחס לייב ני"ו who had been very close to Shragee as well and sings so beautifully, I asked him to join me in the presentation of the song.

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Yossi Green - Habein Yakir Li
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1 Comment

May 18, 2022

wow so heart warming especially i know who shragee was

His neshama should have an aliyah


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