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Eli Marcus - Dugma (Album Sampler)


Eli Marcus - Dugma (Album Sampler)

אלי מרקוס - דוגמא (תקציר האלבום)

Produced by the multi-talented Tzvi Blumenfeld

Songs Composed By Yitzy Waldner, Hershy Weinberger, Yitzy Berry, Sruly Lipshitz, Nochum Levitan & Eli Marcus

Music Arranged By Tzvi Blumenfeld, Mendy Portnoy, Eli Klein, Yitzy Berry, Naor Carmi & More.

To Download Sampler:

Eli Marcus - Dugma (Album Sampler)
Download MP3 • 11.67MB

To Download Booklet:

Eli Marcus - Dugma Booklet
Download PDF • 5.44MB

To Listen:


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